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Interior & Exterior Design Partner

Blinda Bilou

I have been in business for 27 years and what can I say? 


I love what I do!


I see design in everything – in the veins of a leaf, in the blue contrast of the sky against a stand of trees, in the iris of a human eye. All things – whether natural or man-made – have form, function, colour and balance.

Even ephemeral beauty can be appreciated in these terms – sunlight glinting through mist can be represented by a fabric such as organza. The beauty of a golden autumn day can be felt by painting a room in just the right shade of yellow.


Emotions are often enhanced by our surroundings. Blues and greens can be calming, oranges and reds uplifting. Soft textures are comforting and smooth ones are energizing. Our emotions and lives are unique and as we change, we need our living spaces to change. Our journeys are our own and our interiors reflect that. Our stories are told by the colours and objects we weave into our homes and offices. Writing these stories is an art and you are the artist – let me inspire you to start your story today.


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